Her Words Are The Window Into Her Soul by HKG 2/4/19


I want you to know that I finished your book today. I know you worried about me reading it… you did not need to…I think that you are incredibly brave.

I know first hand that letting others have a glimpse into your soul by reading your words, especially the raw and  painful ones, is one of the hardest things you can ever do, perhaps even harder than the experiences that caused the words to rip from your heart onto a piece of paper or a computer screen.


I know how those words battle in your head, even when you fight to make them stop. I know how they persist.  The sleepless nights, the sentences writing and rewriting themselves over and over again in your mind. I know the overwhelming relief when you finally put those words in your head down on a piece of paper….the calmness that flows through your body, the pain that somehow eases just a bit in your heart.  And I know the fear when you put those words out for the judgement of eyes that don’t know, and maybe can’t understand, the depths of the places you have been.

You are wise beyond your years, and you are brave beyond measure. Don’t ever apologize for the words that are ripped like shattered glass from your heart. Our lives, the good and the bad of it, the experiences that build us up and those that bring us to our knees with gut wrenching pain, they are all what make us who we are. Who you are is exactly who you are supposed to be.


I am grateful for the opportunity to have a glimpse into your soul, and I am honored that you trusted enough to allow me a chance to see.  Continue being brave….it becomes you…and I promise, I will do the same. ❤️

Love Heather


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2 thoughts on “Her Words Are The Window Into Her Soul by HKG 2/4/19

  1. So brave 😭❤️💪
    Beautifully written as always ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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