2015 is coming to an end…a new year, a new chapter, and new beginnings come with 2016.  Reflecting on the past year fills me with pride, love and joy.  I watched my youngest son raise his hand and swear an oath to the United States Army, and than a few months later, with tears streaming down my face, I watched him board a plane for bootcamp.   As a family,  we became ‘Army Strong’ and the love and support we received from family and friends was priceless to me.  In July, we traveled to Georgia to see that boy, who had become a man in the blink of an eye, graduate.  I have never felt more proud or shed more tears than I did that day.

I was blessed to spend time with family and those who mean the world to me…concerts, football games, parties and gatherings with friends and loved ones made 2015 fly by.  Life is never about ‘what’ you have…but about ‘who’ you have to share it with.

In September, my best friend and the love of my life got down on one knee, four years to the day that we met, and asked me to be his wife…and at that moment,  I thought there could be no bigger moment this year to celebrate.

But there were more surprises to come in 2015, as we learned first that Melissa and Gabe were expecting our first grandchild,  and than about a month later, that Jessica and Andy would also be blessing us with a grandbaby in 2016!

As we turn the page to a new year, I am grateful for my life and all it has brought to me, I am hopeful for a successful and happy new year, and I am blessed beyond measure with 3 amazing kids who I am proud to have call me Mom, an incredible fiance who loves and supports me always, and wonderful friends, family and loved ones.

May 2016 be a year of love, happiness and joy for you and those you hold dear.

❤❤ Happy New Year! ❤❤

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