Happy First Birthday Emma Kathleen 5/28/17 <3 by H.K.G.


Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!! It seems hard to believe you have been in our lives for a whole year already!! You won’t read this until you are 18 years old (if Mommy and Daddy can keep it a secret!) So I hope by than that you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt how very much you are loved and how many people have been there for you since the day we knew about you!!

I will never forget the day I was there for a sonogram and I first saw your beautiful face. I thought before that day that I knew love – but in that moment, I felt a connection to you that I had never experienced before and a new and special bond with your Mommy that, although was very close before, paled in comparison to how connected it became that morning.


I was unbelievably blessed to be with your Mommy and Daddy the moment you took your first breath – in fact, for a brief period of time, I thought Grandma was going to have to catch you, because you had no interest in waiting for a doctor or nurse to be there!! There are no words to describe the feelings we all had when we first heard you cry. And I know, that even as you read this now, all grown up, that you are still loved beyond measure by so many people.


Know that always, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, whatever mistakes and triumphs you have in your life…..you have always been, and always will be, loved so very very much.


The first year of your life has gone by in what seems like the blink of an eye, and we have been so fortunate to spend so much of it with you. From short little visits to snuggle you close, to trips to the zoo and the park, to days spent together playing in the play room, outside in the yard, your first pickle at The Retreat, your smile, your laugh, your first words, cutting your first teeth, fussy moments and sad little tears…reading stories, planting our first garden together…watching you learn to crawl and eventually trying to walk…every moment is tucked away in my heart, and although you will never remember them, I will forever hold them dear.


One of my very favorite memories is on my birthday when you kissed me for the very first time…not just once…but at least 4 or 5 times. After all of the kisses I had given you since I first held you in my arms, it was such a special moment for me…and that day was followed by many more kisses…and moments you would snuggle up to me or smile when I walked into the room…crawling over to me as if you could not wait to climb in my lap and than scootching away to find a toy or climb back in your Mommy’s lap. I know that in the coming years, we will create so many more memories together, and it is truly hard for me to imagine the young lady you will be by the time you read these words.


So know, as you see these words for the very first time, as you get ready to go to your last high school dance, walk across the stage at graduation, wave good bye as you head to college or where ever your life takes you, know that you have made us proud, that you have taught us to love in a way that we never thought possible, that you have drawn us closer as a family than we ever dreamed…..believe in yourself Emma Kathleen, believe in what you can accomplish, believe in every hope and dream you have had since the moment you can remember dreaming….believe you are worth all the love in the world…and know deep in your heart that your Grandma – and so many others – love you to a depth that you will not understand until you are grown and have a child – and eventually a grandchild – of your own.


My deepest hope is that as you read this letter, I am sitting by your side watching you get ready to embark on the next stage of your journey in life….but for today, I will simply say “Happy 1st Birthday Peanut …. I love you so very much and I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you”

To The Moon and Back….Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever ❤




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3 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday Emma Kathleen 5/28/17 <3 by H.K.G.

  1. Love the Baby! Love the Mommy & Daddy! . . . and the grandmas and grandpas, the aunts and uncles, and the cousins and all the other relatives of this precious child.

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  2. My sweet girl 😭❤️ growing up soooooo fast ❤️❤️ I love this blog so much😍

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    1. I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️


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