Some Things Are Worth Repeating By HKG


Originally written March 29, 2010 (minus the pictures )…during some of the most difficult months of my adult life. Posting here in it’s entirety as it was written 6 years ago, where it will be preserved always ..because some things are worth revisiting…and because it’s amazing for me to be able to look back on a time when I felt alone, I was scared, and I didn’t know how I would make it through the next day, but clearly even than, I still believed life was worth living, I still believed there was good in the world, and I still believed in myself. . ..especially when my life has changed so dramatically and for the better since than ❤

My mind is all over the board today…so bear with the randomness of this if you take the time to read it….

Do something you love….don’t just settle for less than something that makes your heart beat a little faster and keeps you awake at night because you’re so excited about the possibilities you just can’t shut your brain off and fall asleep…

Listen to your heart – and trust in it, even if you’ve spent your entire life being hurt…believe that little part of your heart that believes you still deserve love and happiness, and everything you always dreamed of before you learned the reality of how cruel the world can really be….


At the same time, be conscious of what your head and your gut are telling you ….that gut instinct that lets you know something isn’t right….that little voice in your head that says ‘stop – something’s wrong here’ …it’s rarely wrong….

Believe that every single person that comes into your life does so for a reason – there is always a ‘plan’ bigger than you and sometimes you may not know the significance of someone being in your life until they are long gone – but there was a purpose, big or small, and there is always a reason…even when you never truly understand what it was…

Sometimes we have to go through something painful to get to something wonderful…and the moment you get there, you’ll realize that it was worth every tear, it was worth every time you questioned ‘why me’, and at that moment, the painful memories will begin to fade into the background until the day you realize they no longer have the power to hurt you any more….


Love your kids…every day, every moment…hug them close even if they don’t want you to. They are the biggest blessing you will ever have in your life…and one day you’ll miss the times when they crawled into your bed in the middle of the night, when they demanded your attention, when you were tired, and didn’t want to be a ‘mom’ or a ‘dad’ another moment …one day you will wish you could go back to when their problems were so little, and a kiss could make a boo boo all better ..but you won’t be able to …and you won’t get a second chance to let them know they are your world….do it today, and every day, before it’s too late…..don’t ever walk away from them, and don’t ever let them question for one second whether or not you love them…there is nothing quite as painful as knowing that a child fully realizes how unimportant they are to someone who gave them life…someone they looked up to and admired…someone they loved from the moment they knew how….even if you regret it some day, you will never get back what you took from that child – and you will never be able to fully undo the damage that was done… them…like they have deserved to be loved from the moment they were conceived…


Never take the person you love for granted ….tell them …every chance you get….that they mean the world to you, that you love them, that all you ever want is to spend a lifetime with them ….. love is a gift …and not every one has it in their life right now – and some people wait a lifetime to find that one person they know they were meant to be with. If you have that, treasure it, and nurture it, and don’t ever walk away from it. If you don’t, be patient, because your time will come…and some day you will know, when the moment is right, and the person is right, that you truly have found the love of a lifetime….and if you’ve waited what seems like forever to reach that moment, know that it will be that much sweeter, and that much more meaningful to you, and you won’t take it for granted, because you will always remember the bumpy roads and failed attempts that led you to that spot…..


Cherish the friendships that truly matter…and take the time to nurture them. True friends who will always be there for you, no matter what the circumstance, or however it might inconvenience them, those are the friendships that last a lifetime – it is a wonderful thing to be blessed with many friends in your life – but recognize and acknowledge those friends that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt would lay down their life for you – just like you would for them……

Live your life…..and be present in every moment…..look for the positive in every situation ….and realize how blessed you are…how far you’ve come…and just how much you have to live for….we are given one amazing life on this earth….make every second of it matter….because every second does 💝


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