I did not just ‘decide’ to write ….I have simply always written.  As a child, I wrote stories and poems, created essays before teachers ever required them, wrote reports on spiders and horses and rocks over the summer, I wrote about romance and heartbreak.  I wrote about anything that crossed my mind. I wrote because by writing I felt alive.  When I became an adult, I gave up my pen and paper for years as I spiraled through the pain and struggles of domestic abuse.  It seemed ‘the writer’ in me had died but unknown to my conscious mind,  the dream lay dormant inside me.   The writer I had always been never truly ‘died’.  When I broke free of the abuse, I began to heal from my past…and much like the phoenix rising from the ashes, one sleepless night I felt that dream stir within me…and I picked up my pen and once again, I started to write. HKG

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