💙 First Born Love 💙 By HKG 2/4/16


Twenty five years. …. could it really have been twenty five years since you were first placed in my arms?  I was so young, and I remember wondering ‘Can I do this? How am I going to know how to be a Mom to this perfect little boy?’

We learned together, you and I,  and day by day, I fell more in love with that sweet little boy who was my entire world.

Where did the years go and how did they go so fast?  If I could turn back the hands of time, I would spend just one more day playing cars with you, or legos, or reading you a book.

Fast forward to your teenage years.   You were such a daredevil!   Skateboard ramps, and trick bikes, and trips to the doctors to stitch up cuts and repair broken teeth…..boyscouts and youth group, school plays, lacrosse games and football games, and half a dozen boys running in and out of my house all day long.  At the time, I probably would have given anything for some peace and quiet and no carpools to coordinate.   Today, I’d give anything to be that lacrosse Mom just one more time.

And today, you turn a quarter century old and I wonder again, where the time has gone.  Full time Personal Banker, college student, boyfriend to your beautiful Ana, big brother to Jess and Tim, and my amazing son.  I am so incredibly proud of you…of all you have done, all you are doing, and all you will become.

Happy 25th birthday Nick. ..I love you, TTM&B. ..yesterday,  today,  tomorrow and forever
Love Mom 💝


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1 thought on “💙 First Born Love 💙 By HKG 2/4/16

  1. very, very nice! Mommy says, “She is such a good writer!”

    Love you, M&D


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