💝Love At First Heartbeat 💝


To My Granddaughter,
The moment I knew you existed, I loved you…more than I ever thought possible.  I always knew I’d be a Grandma ‘some day’, but truthfully,  I didn’t really know how that would feel. I didn’t realize how excited I would be or how much I would love the sweet sound of the word ‘Grandma ‘ when that word was suddenly meant to describe me!

The day we first heard your tiny little heart beating will be forever etched in my mind. With tears sneaking out of the corner of my eyes, it suddenly became very real, and my own heart skipped a beat as I let it sink in that this really was my baby girl’s unborn baby.  Your heart was so strong and steady, and I was in awe of the love I already felt for you.

Your poor Mommy was so sick for months…not just in the morning,  but all day long.  But she nurtured you, and loved you, and she and your Daddy started planning for their family to grow by one.  We were all so excited!

The days went by fast, and suddenly your Mommy had the tiniest little belly. Her little Squish was getting bigger, she wasn’t getting sick anymore, and we anxiously awaited the day we would find out if you were a little boy or girl!

Tuesday morning,  January 12, 2016….we all gathered in the exam room…your Mommy, your Daddy, and both of your Grandmas (who had finally just met for the first time!)….quietly watching as pictures were taken of your little head, your little face, your arms and your legs, and your heartbeat.  We got to hear that little heart once again, beating even stronger than just a few months before.

You had your tiny legs crossed and tucked up so tightly against your tummy, they couldn’t tell if you were a girl or boy!  I think we were all secretly worried that we wouldn’t find out that day!  But the technician didn’t give up…and eventually she announced ‘You have a baby girl!’

So, although we have have yet to see your beautiful face, welcome to the family sweet baby girl!  Never doubt that your Grandma loves you more than life…just like she loves your Mommy…to the moon and back….yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.   I cannot wait until your birthday to be there when you take your first breath in this big wide world and to hear your first cry…and I cannot wait to hold you close and to whisper for only you to hear ‘Grandma loves you babygirl!!’ 💝
Love Grandma

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2 thoughts on “💝Love At First Heartbeat 💝

  1. You do have a way with words! Thanks for sharing! Dad & Mom

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